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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Noah, where are you?

For it surely must have rained for 40 days and 40 nights. We may be in need of his ark building skills soon. It's 9.10am in August (just) and it's flippin' pitch black! What a complete washout August has been :o(

Anyway, we've had quite a nice couple of days pottering around. On Tuesday Colin had an extra day off so we went to his TKD lesson in the morning. He needed to go to get his last tip before his graduation on Saturday. When we got home we piled a load of junk in the car and Colin took it off to a charity shop. That felt good I tell you. Can't be arsed with car boots anymore. We never seem to make any money, so it's all off to charidee. In the afternoon we went to what was supposed to be our friend's little boy's 2nd birthday party. Unfortunately the wrong date had been written on the invitation and it was actually the day before. Doh! Never mind, we went in for a chat and to give him his pressies. At home we tidied up, read books and played perfume shops while Colin was out teaching first aid.

Yesterday morning the midwife came round. Debs is my first midwife and the one I saw last time, Chris, is my second one. They're both lovely. Debs and her student ended up staying for over an hour chatting and stuff. It was great. Details will follow on Sunday on the pregnancy blog.

After she'd gone there was just time for a quick bite to eat before Nikki and Emily came round to take Roo to the park. I spent the afternoon wasting time on here playing games and listening to music. I also got a lovely phone call from a friend with some brilliant news that put me on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

Today I feel like hibernating because of the weather, but we'll see. It depends whether Theresa's still going to the play scheme thing and we fancy getting drenched...


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