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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Post of Many Photographs.

We've been up to allsorts recently. Romy has made some lovely Oz characters from Hama beads. We couldn't find patterns anywhere so she modified other ones to make Dorothy, the Lion, the Tin Man, Toto and a rainbow. Will take a photo of them all when she gets round to the Scarecrow. In other crafts, Roo has discovered the delights of flour and water paste by doing lots of papier mache. She's also been making hideous concoctions in the kitchen involving such delectations as flour, tomato sauce, miso paste, vecon, brown sauce, marmite, sugar, etc. Hmmmm.... can feel the nausea rising as I type, lol. I had to ask her to remove it from the house, so it's currently sitting in the driveway waiting for some brave soul (Colin!) to wash the bowl out ;o)

Roo has been watching Bamzooki and Raven on BBC1 for the past few days. She's really got into them. We need to go to the Bamzooki site and make a Zook (Weird robot thing!)

We've been reading lots (as usual!) And Roo has been playing with her friends. She went to Emily's house on Tuesday and came back with tales of potions (which are being kept in the freezer for next time apparently!) and spiders (not being kept in the freezer I assume.) On Wednesday we went to the park with Abigail, Thomas and Theresa. After the kids had worn themselves out we went back to their house for a while.

Yesterday Romy had an open session at Taekwondo. She took Abigail along to join in the fun and games. Here's Roo just about to avoid being whacked with a sponge thingamebob:

And Abigail blocking:
Around the assault course they go:
Locked in mortal combat with their "swords" and "shields".
After we dropped Abi home we had a mad dash to Wragby to pick Christine and Joseph up to take them to Chamber's Farm Wood. We were really late - sorry Christine :o( We were having a home ed group nature walk with the park ranger. It was really good fun even though the ranger was a bit of a bossy old school ma'am type ;o) She clearly wasn't used to free thinking kiddywinks. At one point we parents even got told off, rofl. Romy, her new twin friends P&D, and Joseph ran off in front. It didn't bother us in the slightest but the ranger shouted "Who's are those children?" "Come back and attach yourselves to your parents!" We were in stitches!! Anyway, apart from that and me sitting on a red ants nest and being bitten it was really enjoyable. Roo had a great time playing with Joseph, Katie, P&D, and another girl M. Here they are before we set off (with their bug viewers and identification sheets.)
Pond dipping.
Identifying leeches and other such lovelies.
Enjoying a picnic afterwards.
Yesterday was Tilly's second birthday. Romy bought her a little present and made her a lovely card. The piggies got an even better present though. Our friends donated their old rabbit run to us and it's massive!! The pigs thought al their birthdays had come at once when we plonked them out in the garden for half an hour. There's no grass to speak of, but what we do have in abundance is dandelions. Yum! Thanks Gail and Mark :o)

A muddle of guinea pigs:
Romy has just gone out with Emily and her Dad to that Scunthorpe United football thingy again. Typically we were still fighting with her shin pads, socks and boots when they arrived. We're never ready for anything on time. Doesn't bode well for when we have a new baby to get ready too ;o)


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