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Friday, August 25, 2006

Snakes alive!

We've just come back from our friend Ursula's house. It was her youngest's birthday. Romy was besotted with one of their pet snakes, lol. She was quite fearless with it. Here's a pic, but it's not very good because it was taken with my mobile. There was a point where she was face to face with it which would have made a lovely picture but unfortunately didn't get the camera on in time :o(

We've all had a lovely day today. Roo and Colin went fieldwalking for archaeology and I spent the day at home listening to loud music and chatting on MSN :o))) Here are some photos of Roo at work in the field:

They were shattered when they got home. They'd been out from 7.30am till 3 o'clock. Colin pegged out on the settee and Roo watched her programmes for a bit and then it was time for her swimming lesson. After playing with Ursula's kids tonight too, she should sleep well tonight!

Yesterday we went to the summer playscheme thing again that we attended last week with Theresa and Abigail. Roo and Abi had a great time and Theresa and I had a good old Gossip. I love nattering to her. She knows just how I think and we always end up in hysterics. Love her to bits :o)

Roo and Colin have been playing lots more chess. She's really getting good now. We've read loads more books and generally had a good time playing and watching Black Books. Roo loves it!


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