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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Striking while the iron's hot. (Pun intended!)

Haven't had any photographs for a while so here are some (courtesy of Nikki) from a trip to Anwick forge last week:

Leather apron and goggles are so this season!
Last munite adjustments :o)
Get in there girl!!
"Was that ok?"

Some more pics from a football training session that Roo went to with Emily on Friday. She had a great time and is eager to go again this Friday.

Some other stuff we've been up to this week:
-Tidied up like mad idiots ready for the midwife's visit on Tuesday.
-Had friends round on Tuesday afternoon who had to scarper when said midwife appeared. See Mad Mamma's for deatails.
-Read lots and lots of books and Roo took her library books back for the reading mission thing.
-Had a good play on this cool Clarice Bean site.
-Started crocheting a baby blanket.
-Roo finally got her swimming certificates. Unfortunately they still don't have any flippin' 75m badges in!

Yesterday we went to Christine's annual Home Ed garden party and it was fantastic. We've been every year since it started (Roo was three then) but this one was the best ever. Even though I knew hardly anyone there it was lovely as we got talking to lots of new people and made some new friends. Roo had a fabulous time playing with no end of kids. One girl invited her to her 11th birthday in which she's going to have a pink stretch limo (blimey!) It's going to be in a Chinese restraunt and Roo has to wear her Mulan costume, lol. Roo then got totally carried away inviting people to her next birthday, which isn't for nine months, rofl!!!! When those girls had gone home she played with a lovely pair of twins and I got talking to their Mum (who subsequently had another girl and then another set of twins!!!!) She was really friendly and easy to talk to and has invited us over sometime. There was much scribbling of addresses and promises of emails between various adults and children (Roo has already received an email from the 'party' girl this morning!) Anyway, a big thank you to Christine who, as usual put so much work into it and made loads of delicious vegan food. We stayed for seven hours so it must have been good :o)

Colin has taken Roo and Tilly off to a dog show (don't envy him as I bet Tilly will be showing him up barking like mad at the other dogs, lol.) When they come back we'll probably go and see my Mum.


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