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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ann Kronheimer.

It's ages since we've done any of Romy's illustrator's project, so yesterday we decided to do a picture each from Linda Chapman's 'My Secret Unicorn' books which are illustrated by Ann Kronheimer. They haven't scanned very well unfortunately, but here are our attempts at Lauren and Twilight:

Colin was out teaching First Aid all day yesterday, so we did these pictures then. We also read some more of the book. When Colin came home he took Roo and Tilly out to the park for a while. I finished my book and had a bit of a tidy up. We then went out to the pub for a meal and for Roo to have a play. Bought some ice-cream on the way home and had it with cake. We all felt as sick as dogs by then :o(

Today we've cleaned out the fish and disinfected the piggies' cages. I know, we lead such an exciting life!! Off to my Mum's in a bit :o) Oh, and Roo brought me a highly nutritious breakfast in bed this morning; a chocolate soya milkshake, toast and cake, rofl.


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