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Friday, September 08, 2006

Cooking up a storm!

We've had a full day of baking today and I've only just finished the mountain of washing up!! Here's Roo trying to resist the chocolate cakes next to Colin's scones (which were boring in comparison, lol.) There's grated Maya Gold chocolate on top!
Just one, please!!!
Some decent sized cookies topped with a rather indecently sized one :-O
In between all that we've been to the shop (had no icing sugar, doh!) Romy has made various plasticine models and has drawn a lovely picture for the baby of a baby fairy on a toadstool using pastels with "Welcome baby to our world" on the back. Brought a tear to my eye! I'm so irrational at the moment. Things make me cry/angry at the drop of a hat.

Talking of pregnancy, I'm currently reading this book. It's utterly fascinating. I got it from the library a good while ago and have renewed it a couple of times. Only just started reading it though and it's really unputdownable! It's hard to believe the conditions Jennifer describes so vividly are only from 50-odd years ago. Shocking!

Better go and wash my hair before Roo's swimming lesson.


Blogger lucy said...

now I'm hungry - all looks fab!

8:04 AM  
Blogger Nikki said...

The baking does look lovely. Completely agree with you about all the KS2 science stuff. There doesn't seem to be much "in the curriculum" that most 7/8 year olds wouldn't already know and understand through just common sense and life experience, let alone by the time they reach 11!

9:22 AM  

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