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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crappy day.

Romy woke up with a cold which must've sneaked up on her while her immune system's been 'down with the pox' bro'. Then I get a phone call from the supervisor of midwives at our local hospital asking whether Friday at 10 would be ok for my scan... 'Finally' I thought! So I said yes, not knowing whether Colin would be able to make it. Turns out he can't have the morning off as he has some training thing that's been arranged for six months and he can't get out of it. Poo! He's not very pleased. Also the woman said "One adult only" when I asked if Roo could come. Double poo!! God, how I hate the red tape of hospitals. What harm would a seven-year-old child do sitting on someone's knee. It's not as though I'm bringing six kids, or even a toddler. Grrrr.... It's all to remove the pregnant woman's power. It's the same at the birth; one person only. They know that that one person is going to be tending to you so won't have time to play hell up with them and question all the interventions. Bah! It's times like this when I thank Goddess I'm booked with independent Midwives. And a huge sloppy kiss to Colin for doing extra teaching jobs to help pay for it. He's one-in-a-million really :o)))

Anyway, trust my Mum to jump in and save the day just as I thought I'd have to ask someone to look after Roo and go on my own. She has said she'll come with me and either look after Roo in the waiting room or (hopefully) get to bring her in if Roo can do her Puss-in-boots from Shrek eyes, lol. Thanks Mum!

Anyway, all this should have gone on the pregnancy blog really but by the time Sunday comes hopefully this'll just be a distant memory and I'll have a nice piccy to put up :o))

As if all this faffing about wasn't enough, Tilly decided to get hold of one of one of Romy's squeezy bottles of poster paint (white) and chase it up and down the stairs. Luckily we found her almost straight away, but not until she'd punctured the bloody thing and got paint all over the hall, stairs and landing carpet (and her nose.) I chucked her outside shouting "You bad girl!!! I'm fed up of you, you idiot!!" Hope the neighbours didn't think I was talking to Roo ;o) "Hello, child protection services? Yes, my neighbour keeps her child away from school and locks her outside screaming at her like a banshee." Lol.

Somehow we have managed to get loads of work done today and yesterday, including:
-Loads of PSE (or whatever it's called) All about me poster inc family, personal details, portrait, things I like, three wishes. Listing the play equipment at a local park and then designing your dream playground whilst keeping safety in mind. Design a campaign poster for your local playground to stamp out drugs, bullying, litter, graffiti, vandalism, etc. How green are you? Answered a quiz on recycling etc and had to write definitions for the following words: Biodegradable, Recycle, Ozone Layer, Organic.
-Art: Made a lovely stained glass card for Nana using glass paints and acetate.
-Maths: Rounding up and down to the nearest ten. Ordering numbers. Multiplication showing the different ways of writing each of the five times tables, (e.g, 5x5 = 5(5) = 5+5+5+5+5+5 = 15.)
-English: Spelling/writing words ending in nt, pt,xt, lk, lm, lp. Comprehension questions about a story. More ending sounds. Practice with joining up writing at the proper places. Choosing the right word to finish sentences.

Romy's pox are really healing up now. No more 20p bribes as the one near her mouth has dropped off, lol. She was glad to get back to taekwondo last night and is unbelievably excited about Brownies tonight, lol. It's been nice to get out of the house at last!


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