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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Itchy Scritchy Scratchy!!

Roo's pox are much better today. They've started to crust over which is good, but not according to Roo as now the itching has started in earnest!!! I'm going to put her in a cammomile and Lavendar bath in a minute, poor love.

Yesterday Roo and I had loads of fun on the floor making this mad collage: It's a narrative on the juxtaposition twixt good and evil and relies heavily on the crinkle effect (we found the paper crinkler and couldn't resist crinkling everything before it was stuck on in other words! ;o)

Last night after Colin came back from taekwondo we went out for a drive. Romy and I were sooooo cheesed off with having been stuck inside for three days it seemed like heaven! We had the windows open and Roo sang along to cheesey music until we got back at 10pm. We had the works; Steps, Kim Wilde, Shakin Stevens, The Darkness, Toni Basil!! It really cheered Roo up. We even got chips and mushy peas on a tray. Heaven! Better go and soothe some pox (and untangle some hair!)


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