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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The latest on the patient...

Last night Romy fell asleep on the settee and when I took her up to bed her temp was 40.1!!!!!!! Crikey! Not much sleep for me again last night then. I gave her some Calpol and after an hour it was still 39.8! After another hour it had gone right down to 36.4 - Bizarre! I finally fell asleep then (after covering her up, lol.)

This morning we've found loads more 'poxeses' in the oddest places; hands, armpits, lip. Poor baby :o( She's watching little kids' programmes at the moment and then I guess it'll be another day on the setteee reading books :o) Bless Roo, she was worried about not doing any work until she realised that if she was at school she would have the week off anyway, lol. She's not up to eating much at the moment either. Yesterday she only has soup and a bit of Innocent smoothie. Today she says food makes her feel sick. She can't be that ill though; she's watching 'Big Cook Little Cook' and they just said "Milk comes from cows" and Romy shouts "Not all milk!!" Rofl.

Meanwhile this picture really cheered her up this morning. I'm expecting a get well card from my Mum for her in the post too. That'll cheer her up no end. Thanks for your comment too Nikki :o)


Blogger lucy said...

oh poor roo - mine had that a few years back. A couple of chamomile tea bags in a bath seemed to ease the itching.

2:37 AM  

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