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Friday, September 15, 2006

On the mend.

Romy's pox are getting nice and crusty now. Well, most of them are anyway. There are still one or two huge blistery ones. She even has one on her eyeball now!!!! Is nowhere safe??? There's one particularly nasty one next to her mouth that she's soooo tempted to pick at as it's "hanging off by a thread Mummy!" I'm bribing her with 20p a day to not pick it, lol. She might end up with a pound by the time it drops off ;o) It's a good job I don't have to pay out for each one!

Since Monday we've been reading a Fun Day Fairies book each day. We'll be reading Sarah the Sunday Fairy in a bit when Colin goes out. Blimey, if I'm not sick of these crappy fairy books!! I find myself screaming inwardly and worshipping the likes of the wonderful Lauren Child whenever reading one of the sodding things. For some reason, even though Romy's more than capable of reading them to herself I simply have to read them to her as I 'do good voices'. Damn! :o)

On Friday Roo watched a couple of really good schools programmes. One was about Gandhi and one about Nelson Mandela. She couldn't believe that even when I was in the last year at comprehensive Apartheid was still in force and Mandela was still in prison. She was fuming with the injustice of it (that's my girl!)

Last night Romy and Colin had a painting session. Roo did a lovely self-portrait (complete with pox!!) in pastels. It's fab, but too big to scan. Other than that we've mainly been playing with Playmobil. Went to town yesterday and my Mums' today. Oh, and Roo really enjoyed watching The Vicar of Dibley last night. The one where she has to eat four Xmas dinners, lol.

Off...to...read...last...fairy...book...now.... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Stella said...

yay - well done to Romy for not picking it. Kpie has a tiny dent on her nose for picking at a chicken pox spot

12:26 PM  

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