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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Photographic walk.

Did lots more English, maths and other stuff yesterday morning and then Romy went to play at Emily's for the afternoon. She had a great time and made a lovely tree collage whilst there. We picked her up and went straight to taekwondo where Romy got her blue tip for techniques. She only needs her black tip to get her green belt now.

Here are the stained glass cards we did yesterday. Romy's is the giraffe one that hasn't photographed properly :o(

This morning Roo got a lovely card in the post from our friend Amanda. Her very talented boyfriend drew it especially for Romy. It's the fairy pox! Roo is much happier having fairy pox than chicken pox, lol.

This afternoon Roo and I went for a nice, long walk across the field to the pet shop to get guinea pig food. It was boiling but very windy too. Not good lugging a 5kg bag of food home on my shoulder, lol. Anyway, we took the camera and I told Roo to take a photo of anything interesting on the way that took her fancy. These are the excellent results. She has quite an eye for detail (and the absurd!)

Huge web!

A beautiful flower.

Er, a post box.

Bobbled pavement.

Vandalised swing.

Graffiti on slide.

Says it all really, doesn't it?


More consumerist rubbish.

Abandoned and lonely gas cylinder.

The lovely steelworks :o(

Halloween display at the pet shop.


Giant scary mouse cat beds.

Some more maths and English when we got home and Roo also took ages making a brilliant pet shop complete with proper signs like Buy One Get One Free, lol.


Blogger Jules said...

Interesting pictures, nice idea actually. I think I may pinch it when we go out and let the kids loose with the camera to see te results...

2:08 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Yep, great pics. That mouse is definitely scary LOL

12:11 AM  

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