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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Science and seaside jaunts.

Here's a dragon sandwich Romy made for Colin the other day. The scales are pumpkin seeds :o)

Yesterday we decided to do lots of science experiments. Most of them seemed to call for vinegar, which, typically I had thrown out the day before whilst having a clearout of the kitchen. Doh! Anyway, quick trip to the corner shop sorted that one out and on we went. The first experiment was a magic water fountain (to demonstrate air pressure) Here's Roo blowing into the tube before standing back as the water shot out.
Then "static snow storm." Romy rubbed a balloon on her hair and then held it above some little polystyrene balls to make them jump up.
Then we copper-lated a nail, which I was most pleased with! We put 15 copper pennies in a dish. Here's Roo covering them with salt. We then added vinegar and after 20 minutes the pennies were shining like new. We took them out and put a steel nail into the solution. After another 20 mins it came out copper-plated. Amazing!
Then came an even more exciting experiment. The home edder's favourite: a volcano!! Here's Roo about to add vinegar mixed with red food colouring to a glass of baking powder...
...and the resulting 'eruption'.
We also did some maths (de-ciphering codes and doing sums to find out letters.) And English (words ending in 'ddle' and 'ttle' and adding 'dge' to the end of words.)

Whilst Colin was bunging stuff in the attic he came accross a load of baby clothes so he brought them down and we had a sort through them. We put them into girl and unisex piles and I've washed a load of vests and sleepsuits. Romy had a whale of a time making a baby clothes shop complete with signs and leaflets advertising it. Colin and I had to come several times to 'buy' loads of stuff, lol. In bed we all played Junior Dingbats and Roo was inspired to make some up of her own (e.g drawing a bat and a man for 'Batman.' She did some quite complex ones which had Colin and I flummoxed!

Today we went out and bought Roo a Brownies badge book as she's hankering after getting some badges for her sash. Apparently this pack 'doesn't really do' badges. Hmmm, Roo's not very pleased about that. She can, however get some herself by working on them at home. She should be able to get her swimmer and advanced swimmer ones signed off by her swimming teacher tomorrow.

Came home and did lots more maths and English and Roo made some puppets and put on an impromtu show:

Tonight we went for a drive and ended up at the seaside in the dark! (Well, Cleethorpes anyway, lol.) Roo was most pleased and Tilly went for an unintended swim when she half fell into the sea. She was most displeased ;o)


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