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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Not really been up to anything exciting over the past few days really. Just bits and bobs. Over the weekend we went to taekwondo, to a farmer's market to buy veg, played board games, went to my Mums' and tried to watch The Sound of Music but the DVD wouldn't work. Romy is really into it at the moment after watching that How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria on tv. She's dressed as a nun as I type whilst playing with Emily upstairs. Makes a change from Fairies and Princesses I suppose. As long as she doesn't run off to a Nunnery one day ;o)

Colin has a week off and the darling is doing lots of tidying around the house. It's like having an invisible tidy fairy :o) He's earning tons of Brownie Points, I tell you ;o)

We were all on tidying duty yesterday morning as our Midwife, Chris came round. Everything was fine and dandy despite my womb size being 16 weeks instead of 14. Hmmm... Baby is the right size as the scan said so. Maybe I have a high womb like my Mum. Apparently doctors always though she was a couple of weeks further on than she was.

Anyway, in between tidying and chatting to the Midwife Romy managed to get some Maths and English done and then we went to Tesco's for chips and beans in their cafe (aren't we posh?) Bought lots of lovely, healthy food while we were there, so Baby is pleased, lol. I even ate a grapefruit for breakfast this morning, healthy or what???

Romy had a bit of an epiphany the other day. She realised she could write a story purely for the enjoyment of writing it, without worrying about spellings and stuff. I am SO pleased for her!!! She started writing a story about a mermaid going to a fancy dress party on Saturday and she's been writing it non-stop ever since. It's fantastic! To see her enjoying writing instead of it being a struggle (because she's a perfectionist who get's cross if she gets a spelling wrong) is just brilliant. She's also been doing some fairy recipes with both written and illustrated instructions.

This morning we went to Colin's taekwondo lesson and Roo took some work to do. Her teacher was highly amused to see her doing her 'school' work there, lol. He told Colin that Romy will be graduating this time round as she's finally cracked the complex third pattern "Sam Jang". A bit more work after a trip to the library and now Emily is round to play.

Romy has also started a collection after noting that some of her friends have them. Hers is going to be buttons, which is rather annoying as I've just got rid of a load of them. Typical! Brownies tonight, and we're going to ask about swimming badges. It seems that you can just get your swimming teacher to tick off what you can do and then you can have the badge(s.)


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