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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Successful first day :o)

Well it's three o'clock and we've just finished 'work' for the day. And what a productive day it's been! Here's what we've managed to get done:

-Roo got started on her taekwondo project by printing out a map of South Korea, a map of Asia and one of the world. She then marked the country on the latter two maps.
-She coloured in a South Korean flag and learnt about the significance of all the various symbols. There were questions to ask about the origins, meanings etc too.
-Romy found some TKD clip-art pics using Google images, printed them out and stuck them down to make a front cover, which she then laminated.
-She drew the symbol for the Twin Tigers academy that she attends.
-In geography Romy did two worksheets about map reading. They involved plans of towns (American unfortunately) which Romy had to answer questions about using compas points, directions, grid references, drawing in shortest routes and learning about intersections, etc. She really enjoyed this.
-Maths: Romy did two pages of a workbook colouring in patterns on a number square and counting in 3's, 4's, 7's, 10's etc.
-English: Two pages of spellings using 'sh' 'ch' 'th' ans 'st' sounds. Also read me some of a reading book that is way beyond her age group. No need to worry about her reading then ;o) And her writing is really coming on. Just as I said it would if I left her alone, lol.

Romy's having a well earned rest now watching her programmes before TKD tonight. That's P.E then! Just glad she's not starting at the scabby Junior school today like her friends :o)


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