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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tilly's shoe fetish.

Hope I don't get Googled on that!

This is Tilly's bed as seen this morning when Roo and I got up. Quite an impressive collection eh? Luckily she no longer chews the damn things, just feels the need to hoard them! Just one of her many 'eccentricities' (read: mental health problems.) If she was a human I swear she'd be in a Home for the 'differently abled.'

The stash briefly consists of:
-Football boot (1 x size 3)
-Slippers (2 x size 10)
-Barbie sandal (1 x size 2)
-Work shoes (2 x size 10.)

Note the poor severed limbs from Charlotte the spider plant too. *Shakes head*


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