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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Tooth Fairy cometh... (for the ninth time.)

Last night at taekwondo Romy was finally so fed up with her wobbly tooth that she bravely asked me to pull it out for her. So off to the toilets we went (thought it might bleed a lot so needed tissues!) It was ok though. No fuss whatsoever and a big grin when it was gone. I think she was just about cheesed off with not being able to eat anything other than soup, poor thing. Anyway, she put it in her tooth fairy box and we went out to the shop. By the time we got back Herself had been already, leaving a pound! Dunno how she manages to be so quick, lol.

Colin is still reading Roo The Hobbit and at the moment we're reading various My Secret Unicorn books borrowed from Abi. Roo did lots more work this morning before going out for the afternoon with Emily to a soft play area (which she came back from tired out, hungry but very happy.) I was looking for some science worksheets this morning and came accross the Homework Helpers site. I looked under Year 3 and 4 (Roo would just have started year 3) and was shocked at the simplicity of the work! There was one called "What gives off light?" and you had to tick boxes next to pictures of a lamp, tree, torch, bed, etc. Another one asked what light could pass through and again you had to tick the boxes; window, wall, etc. OMG! Had to look under Years 5 &6 to get anything worth attempting. Even that stuff was easy. I'm not saying Romy is ahead in everything but she'd be bored stiff in science class at school, that's for sure.

Briefly, the work we did this morning then:
-Identifying which part of a plant different foods come from (i.e, fruit, flower, leaves, stem, roots.)
-Sorted minibeasts into a Venn diagram and a Carroll diagram (sure we've done this before. Deja vu, lol.)
-Sorting foods into fruit/not fruit and whether the seeds were edible or not.
-Basic food chains, producers and consumers. Putting them into right order, e.g wheat-mouse-owl.
-Using keys and flow charts to identify different plants. All this is supposed to be ten-year-old stuff!!!
-Lots of spellings using the consonant blends ff, ss, ll, ct, ft and lt.
-Repeat addition/multiplication.

Tomorrow we're having a baking/craft/art day. Have a few things up my sleeve, such as a vegan chocolate cake, scones and a mosaic picture (non edible, lol.)


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