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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A veritable plague of pox!

We woke up today to at least twice as many pox as yesterday :o( Here are a few pics of the poorly patient:

Unfortunately last night we found loads inside her mouth! No wonder she doesn't feel like eating, poor thing. She says it hurts to swallow (had to buy her some ice-cream, lol. She only managed a tiny bit though.) She even has them on the palms of her hands/fingertips, scalp, inside her ears and on the soles of her feet! There must be hundreds of the bleeders :o(

Roo did have three nice surprises yesterday though. In the post my Mum had sent her a Get Well Soon card with two scratchcards inside. She won a pound on one of them! The card had a giraffe on the front and my Mum had written "Chicken Pox" and drawn an arrow to the giraffe's spots. Roo thought that was really funny. Also in the post was a lovely parcel from Emily. She had sent a card and a mermaid book to cheer Roo up. The postman asked if it was her birthday, lol. (She didn't have any pox on her face then!) Another lovely surprise was Abi calling round on her way to Brownies. Romy was really sad that she couldn't go to the first one back after the summer. She'd had all her gear set out since Saturday! Abi had brought her a home-made card and a Fry's Peppermint Creme bar. Bless! To say that Romy's hardly eaten anything for three days, she didn't half wolf that chocolate down, rofl.

Roo has been a bit bored but we've been reading loads of books, looking at the atlas and Roo has been doing some arty/crafty stuff from an Art Attack magazine. Still not getting much sleep (me.) Colin came home to find us both fagged out on the settee yesterday! Tilly had another fit last night just to add to the general malaise of the household...


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