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Sunday, September 03, 2006

A weekend of achievements.

We were really proud of Colin on Saturday. He got his purple belt in Taekwondo. Now he's the same as Romy ;o) Here he is doing one of the patterns he had to perform.

Also on Saturday Romy finished her reading mission Here are their certificates...

So what else have we been up to since Thursday? Well, we visited friends for the afternoon. Romy played manically with Abi for a few hours while we chatted. Abi's back at school on Wednesday, so we're off round again on Tuesday afternoon. Talking of school; Romy's really raring to get back to some work. We've decided to start back on Wednesday too. Will have to clear the table, lol. Even though we've been having a rest this summer, she's still been learning loads and doing 'work'. The other day she started a story in an exercise book, she's been doing lots of plays for me, both rehearsed and improvised. There's been tons of reading this summer too and she's been emailing her friend Bethany.

Following on from the Medieval day at Gainsborough last week Romy and Colin have been very busy making a tabard and a flag with a coat-of-arms on that Romy has designed. He bought her some fabric paints today and they've been busy painting the dragon and bear that Romy wanted. Will post pics when they're finished.

On Friday Romy went to football with Emily. She was a bit upset when she returned as two boys had been bullying her. They kept saying she was rubbish apparently. Grrr... This is one of the major reasons why I never sent her to school. I hated that when I was a kid; if you're not the best at something you have no right to be doing it. I remember hating P.E at school for precisely that reason and it put me off sports for life :o( Luckily we've never come accross anything like that at TKD or swimming. Mind you, I think it's something about boys and football. Most of them seem to have really pushy fathers who've had them playing as soon as they could walk and tell them they have to be the best at all costs. Vicarious living anyone?

Anyway, we've had a lovely day today. We went to my Mum's and had a lovely Sunday dinner and then tonight Roo had a phone call from Bethany. They ended up chatting for over an hour!!!! Romy and I have had the mother of all Girl's Night In's!! Here's my girl getting ready to watch Dirty Dancing for the very first time. Note the snuggly quilt and the plate of vegan chocolate squares... Perfect!!! We're off to bed now to read and chatter :o)


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