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Monday, October 09, 2006

Graduation and self-motivation.

I can't believe I still haven't blogged Romy's green-belt graduation from Saturday. I'm so damned lazy ;o)

Well, she did excellently. She had to show all the skills she knew all on her own as she was the only taekwondo student graduating. The rest were kick-boxers. Here she is getting her new green belt from her instructors: Showing off her new belt and certificate:
And in the middle with the kick-boxers who also graduated:
After the graduation we went to the garden centre to look in their craft department for a quilling set. Unfortunately they only had a few strips of paper for a fiver!! Forget that. We'd had a go at home-made quilling on Friday with varying degrees of success. We've found a lovely set that Nikki sells though, so we're going to buy one of those. We walked throught the Christmas shop while we were there. Very surreal as it was blazing sunshine outside!
Just before the graduation I nipped into WH Smiths and bought Romy two vastly overpriced books for a 'well done' pressie for Roo. I got the fourth Stardust Magic book. Unfortunately they didn't have the third so I've ordered it from eBay. Romy is absolutely obsessed by these at the moment. Luckily there are only four to collect (as I write!) but Linda Chapman's other books; the Unicorn ones are certainly prolific!! I don't know how many there are but Romy finds them equally enchanting. I found the first two stories in one book at Smiths' for the same price as a single book, so that's the second book I bought her.

On Sunday my Mum and Robert came round and very kindly took us out for a meal at Pizza Hut :o) Not until Romy had shown Nana how she can ride her bike though, lol. She's now riding the ultra cool Cica bike she won in a competition when she was 11 months old, rofl. When we took her to get her first pair of shoes from Clarks' we filled in her details on this win-a-bike thingamejig and forgot all about it. We were really amused when we found out she'd won. Anyway, the bike went up in the attic and has finally come down to be ridden. It has suspension and all sorts of funky features. Mind you we're making sure we keep it in the house as those pikey kids from down the road (who we're convinced nicked Roo's scooter) seem to have their eyes on it :o(

On Monday Romy spent the whole day doing two sides of work for her taekwondo project. I was none too pleased I can tell you. So as an experiment on Tuesday I left her to do whatever she wanted. I was around to help but I didn't push her into doing any formal 'work'. Let's just say I was amazed when I realised what she'd actually done by the end of the day!! Briefly, she made a ten page magazine for me which included quizzes, competitions, a story, pictures, colouring to do, and instructions for how to make a unicorn model. She then made a dolls house all by herself. She used a Weetabix box, cut off the front, used patterned paper as wallpaper and carpet, made a bedside table, lamp, mat, bed and even little people from pipe cleaners with wool wrapped around them to make clothes. Later on Romy rehearsed and put on a play for me, read several books to herself including one about castles and designed lots of stuff with stencils. All-in-all a much more productive day than the day before when I set her some 'proper work'. Just goes to show me then, doesn't it?!!

We were all feeling crappy on Monday night as we'd received some really bad news. We went to bed a bit shell-shocked and numb :o(((

This morning we've spent a while sending messages to each other using the sign-language alphabet. Romy then wrote a letter to her friend but I had to tactfully tell her that there were a few spelling mistakes in it and that her friend would probably say she couldn't read it (she did last time!) Roo was upset but we went through it and I suggested she type it instead and then I could scan the pictures she'd done for it onto the word document. That seemed to work really well and she cheered up no end. Emily is here now and they've been playing dressing-up, stencils, paper dress-up dolls and arguing. Lol.


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