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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Growing up.

Coming hot on the heels of the "I can write stories just for fun and not worry about the spellings" epiphany comes the "Look at me, I can finally ride my bike" epiphany. It's been a long time coming and I was getting worried she would never do it (not that she's been anywhere near her bike for about a year as she's been more into scootering (before it was nicked) and roller blading. I kept seeing little three and four year old kids riding away merrily and thinking we'd failed as parents, but today Colin took Roo to a local park with lots of empty paths and off she went!!! I've even seen the video clip from Colin's mobile to prove it. I'm well impressed (apart from the stopping part which involved just falling off onto the grass, rofl.) She did master the stopping and starting bits eventually so I'm told. Proud, proud moment :o)))

Another thing Romy's learnt this week is how to do plaits. Unfortunately though this was prompted by some bullying :o( At Brownies on Tuesday they made a friendship bracelet by plaiting some embroidery cotton (even I would find that fiddly!) And Romy took a long while to do hers and was being pressured by the others in her 'six' to let them do it for her. She was a bit upset so on Wednesday we set about learning on her Barbie horse. She got the hang of it straight away and decorated it fit for a dressage competition! It was lovely to see her so proud of herself :o) I was fuming after that Brownies session because apparently another girl was being nasty to Romy. She told her friend Abi that she didn't like her because Romy had once told her to shut up in Woolworths. What the....? Romy's never been in Woolworths except with us. And she'd never tell anyone to shut up anyway. I've been told that this girl is generally a nasty piece of work but it still makes me mad. Romy said every time she looks at her she gives her an evil look. And peope wonder why I don't send her to school! As far as I'm concerned this is like an hour and a half of school. And that's even without the boys! I'll play hell up if anything else happens as Roo really loves going there so I don't want her being put off. She took her badge book in this week to get her two swimming badges. Brown Owl (lol) told her they'd never given out an advanced swimmer badge before so she'd have to wait until they got some.

Work over the last couple of days has consisted of lots of maths (estimating, using a calculator, giving change) and English (Tons of pages from a KS2 workbook. Too much to list!) We've also been looking at some great websites including researching all the actors from The Sound of Music on IMDB. Was really interesting to see the ages of the children who played the kids in the film. Leisl for instance was supposed to be 16 but the actress was 23!! Romy has also been writing her own book about dogs. She always seems to find something to occupy herself with. I've never once heard her say she's bored (and she doesn't know what a Playstation or X-box is, lol.) Most of the time it's hard to tear her away from the stuff she's doing to get her to do some "work." Sometimes I don't bother. She has a pen in her hand, or she's reading so she's learning, right? Why is the stuff I want her to do from a workbook any more valid than the stuff she's thought of to do herself?

Anyhoo. Here are a couple of funny pics from tonight. Romy (oddity that she is) was eating a half-cucumber like a banana. Here she is being attacked by Frosty who was none too pleased at being left out, rofl.


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