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Friday, October 27, 2006

Half term happenings.

I've been trying to update for a couple of days but Blogger still wasn't playing fair with the photos, grr... At last it's let me upload some, so here's one from last week when Roo's friend Abi came to her taekwondo self-defence seminar.

So this week we've been up to various fun things for half-term. Roo and I watched a girly film together; Bend it like Beckham. We really enjoyed that, especially Jonathan_Rhys-Meyers Yum yum ;o)

We made bath melts that smell divinely of chocolate to go with the bath bonbs we made last week. We couldn't resist rubbing the last bits of the mixture on ourselves (just cocoa and shea butter) so we smelt lovely, lol. Here they are all wrapped up:

On Tuesday my Midwife Debs came round. Will write more about that on Sunday in my pregnancy blog. Then in the afternoon Theresa, Abi and Thomas came round to play. The girls went upstairs whilst Theresa and I tried to stop Thomas from attacking the poor guinea pigs ;o) I was mortified when he saw Willow drinking from his bottle and took it off the cage and stuck it into his own mouth!!! Noooooooo! We both shouted. Luckily Theresa saw the funny side of it. Phew!

While Abi was here the two girls wrote a letter to the fairies. Romy has been writing to them for a while and they've 'written' back, but this time they decided to ask for something the fairies couldn't quite manage; two gold lockets filled with magic fairy dust, rofl. They left a note saying they'd run out!

On Weds we had a walk up to Ashby to buy roo a pink wig (explain later!) and we'd just got home when our friends from a couple of years ago; Kim and Emily turned up! Haven't seen them for ages, so it was nice to have a catch up. Roo and Emily played like they'd never been apart and Kim and I had a good laugh too.

Back to the pink wig. Romy has a current obsession with the children's programme Lazy Town. It's maybe a bit young for her, although the lead character is meant to be eight, so maybe not. Anyhow, she loves it. She was desperate for a 'Stephanie' outfit so I treated her to a wig. I'm hoping my Mum might be able to help out with the dress ;o) Here's Roo all in pink playing on the birthing ball I got the other day. (Have hardly been able to get on it meself!!)

I've been surfing around (on the net!) to find stuff for her about Lazy Town and have found some lovely stuff on Youtube. Unfortunately though there are tons of sickos around and it makes my blood boil!! The girl who plays Stephanie is actually 15 but looks about eight. There are comments from grown men (paedophiles) on there saying "phwoar, pass me the Kleenex." and other such revolting things. Even if they're going by her being 15 (still illegal) she looks like a little girl!!! She has no breasts, hips, waist, etc. SICK!! Then there are the other type of sickos who are making fan vids to make it seem that Stephanie and 'Sportacus' (played by a 42-year-old man) are in love. What's wrong with these people??? It's a kid's show. I can't believe I have to screen stuff about a kid's show before I let Roo watch it. It's a sick world :o(

Anyway, rant over. Onto nicer things. Romy had Emily over to play yesterday and today we've been quilling with a set bought from Nikki, baking choc chip cookies *dribble* and Roo has sewn herself a dress made with fabric bought from the Fabric Warehouse yesterday. She certainly takes after my Mum; she's in raptures in fabric shops. She runs around touching them all saying "Ooh, I love this shop soooo much!" Rofl. Here's a quilled poodle we made this afternoon:
Off to swimming lesson now!


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