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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hallowe'en: Part one.

Flippin' Blogger won't let me put photos up again, so I'll have to try doing them in another post. I've got a couple on here that I'd saved as a draft the other day though.

On Saturday after Colin's taekwondo lesson he took Romy to the Archaeology club at the museum. They had a Big Draw event on. Basically they both came home with lots of pictures they'd drawn of archaeological artefacts from different angles. In the evening we went to a Hallowe'en party. Some friends from taekwondo had organised it in their home and I must say I was gobsmacked at how much they'd really 'gone for it'. We had to walk through an alleyway at the side of their house to get in and they'd done it up to look like a real haunted house with ultra-violet lights and cobwebs. There was even a proper 'zombie' in there ready to jump out at us. Unfortunately though after hearing the hysterical screams of the kids who went in before us I had to politely ask him not to jump out at us because Romy was petrified! Bless him, he stayed still, rofl. What a nice zombie. You know they have such a bad reputation.

Anyway, Romy went as a gorgeous witchypoo:

I was a somewhat less-than-gorgeous witchypoo and Colin was a Ring Wraith or summat from Lord of the Rings. Hope that's how you spell it ;o)
Found these cool pumpkin related videos on youtube. Amazing pumpkin carvings and utterly revolting yet strangly fascinating timelapse rotting pumpkin!

On Sunday night Roo and I had our own little Hallowe'en party when Colin went out to his friend's house. We also watched Dirty Dancing (again!) Oh I love having my girl. She's such a wonderful age. Still my little girl but grown up enough to enjoy a bit of romance and escapism :o)))

On Monday we got down to a bit of work; Romy wrote a few pages in her diary, then did some handwriting practice and some Lazy Town maths problems that I'd written for her, lol. At 4.30 we dropped Roo off at Emily's house for a brilliant Hallowe'en party. Colin and I went to a pub just a few doors away for a meal while Roo was enjoying the games and fun. Unfortunately she had tummy ache during the party (too much to eat that day I think!) I'm hoping she didn't put too much of a dampener on things. She was still poorly when we picked her up and went to Colin's taekwondo lesson. She was laying on the floor the whole time :o( Putting us through a mammoth-length version of Game of Life and a good night's sleep put her to rights though.


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