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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The house is alive... with the sound of music.

So, Romy's latest obsession is The Sound of Music. After just two viewings of said film she has learnt all the words to all the songs and is regailing us night and day. I could hardly sleep last night because I had "How do you solve a problem like Maria" going round in my head!

Here's a weird picture my friend Ursula sent me of Romy with her two gorgeous boys R and R. Thought I'd put it on here 'cos I love it.

On Friday we thought we'd make the most of Colin's last day off and go out to the seaside, but of course it pee'd it down :o( At the last minute we went to see "Hoodwinked" at the cinema. There was only one other family there! Cost a flippin' fortune though. Reminded us of why we never go to the cinema. We could have bought the DVD and still had change :o(

At Swimming on Friday Romy got her Dolphin level 4 badge. There's only one more to go now!! There are nine levels from complete beginner to expert. She did the seahorse levels 1-4 and has now almost finished the Dolphins. I'm so proud of her :o))) Not sure what comes after this. I think it's a choice of swimming clubs, such as lifesaving, distances, etc.

On Saturday after Colin's taekwondo lesson (at which he was asked whether he'd like to be assistant coach to Romy's class) he took Roo off to Archaeology club at the museum. They were doing graveyard mapping. Romy brought some very interesting work home she'd been doing; she had to fill in worksheets about different gravestones, writing down the inscription, dates, condition of the stone, etc. She also had to mark lots of stuff out on a church map and find certain benchmarks. We then went for a long walk at Normanby park and collected lots of conkers. Colin has been teaching Roo how to play which has sparked a passion for olde fashioned games. At the moment she's playing with a big collection of victorian toys she's just made (hoopla, cup and ball, hoop and stick, etc) after researching it on the internet. In a moment she wants to look up Victorian clothing.

On Sunday Colin took Roo to his Dad's house as relatives were visiting. I washed my hair and then we went to my Mum's. We decided to go to Cleethorpes even though it was raining torrentially!! We were comforted to see that we weren't the only mad people when we got there though, lol. On the contrary, we could hardly get a parking space. We had some goes on the 2p machines, tried to win a 'Lumpy' Heffalump for the baby on a grabber machine but failed miserably as usual and had chips and mushy peas (mandatory!) Tilly was allowed on the beach so I sat in the car with my dicky pelvis while Roo and Colin took her for a run. It was lovely to see her so happy (chasing seagulls, lol.)

Yesterday I gave Romy a set of screwdrivers and an old phone and supervised her whilst she took it to pieces. She had so much fun, it was great. We were both fascinated to see what the different components were and what wires went where. Here she is looking triumphant amongst the destruction, er I mean education:
The afternoon was spent drawing plans of Fairyland (complete with key) squeezing our own orange juice, playing conkers, collecting leaves (was very surprised that she'd remembered the names of all the leaves from this time two years ago when we did an autumn project,) doing leaf rubbings, going out to do bark rubbings and watching The Sound of Music together. Here's Roo with her leaf/bark picture.


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