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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quick round-up.

We've just been up to bits and bobs over the past few days. Nothing too exciting, so bullet points can suffice (can't be figged to write loads.)
-Roo has just been to Brownies. Tonight some 'tortoise ladies' brought in some... you've guessed it... tortoises! She got to hold them and entered a competition to name one of them. That girl is still being horrible to her. Do you know I'm sick of things being ruined at the moment. It seems like everywhere we go someone has to be horrible. There's a girl in Romy's swimming class making her life a misery lately too. I'm just waiting for either one of them to overstep the mark before I have words with teachery people.
-Talking of swimming, Roo got a prize again for staying under water the longest :o) She's got a good lung capacity that girl!
-Roo and I have been watching episodes of Heidi every night in bed on the portable DVD player. Very cosy :o) We're sad it's finished now though.
-We've also been taking it in turns to read chapters from the third Stardust Spitit book in bed.
-We got a National Music Week pack through the post with loads of freebies including a pop quiz DVD. I'm great at the 80's section ;o)
-Played loads of games; Boggle, Rummy, Pyramids (card game) Dingbats, etc.
-Got a really odd book to review from Education Otherwise. We do seem to get the weird ones :o(
-Roo and Colin weeded/tidied the front garden. They found loads of caterpillars hibernating so Roo brought them in. we kept them for a couple of days on lettuce but they were looking really 'badly' today so we've turned them out into the elements again.
-Romy has been adding to her button collection. She bought a few from the market on Saturday and then raided my Mum's button box on Sunday.
-Been teaching Roo to crochet. She bought a lovely ball of wool with her money on Saturday and is currently crocheting the baby a scarf. Bless.
-Roo has been playing with a couple of boys who live five doors away. They used to go to the TKD place she was at. They came in our house and said "This is a scruffy house. Do you have a vacuum cleaner?" Little sods!
-We've been making gorgeous fairies for people for Xmas. Have also ordered a couple of craft sets off eBay. We'll be making candles, bath bombs and bath melts for Xmas pressies too :o)
-Roo's been biking, scootering and skipping... a lot!
-Managed lots of English, maths and handwriting practice.
-Tilly had a fit at 2.40 am and then another one exactly 12 hours later at 2.40pm. Spookee!


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