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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sleepover central!

I've had a shattering few days, mainly because Romy had Abigail to sleep over on Friday night. They of course had a fab time. I on the other hand am getting a bit too pregnant to be having three hours sleep ;o) I'll come to that bit in a minute. Firstly, what I can remember of the past few days.

Our candle-making kit arived first so we had fun making votive candles. We experimented by putting food colouring in with the soya wax but that was a total disaster. I suppose if I'd any head for science at all I'd have realised that it would all sink to the bottom when the wax set. Unfortunately we ended up with a very red worktop for a while! Anyway, here's a pic of the candles cooling in their moulds

Next to come through the post was a free Scottish wildlife pack that I'd seen on Lucy's blog. Roo started colouring some of the animals ready to put on the map and we had a look through the top trumps that come with it. Very educational.

The next day our bath bomb set came :o)))) Been looking forward to that one! They were so easy to make. But does anyone know where I can get citric acid from to make more? We were really chuffed with the results, although the teddy one didn't survive completely intact and was later used by Romy and Abi:
On Friday afternoon Roo went to Emily's for the afternoon while I tidied like a mad thing (well like a mad thing with gammy hips, which is a lot slower than a regular mad thing.) She had a lovely time. I didn't. ;o)

After swimming Abi came back to our house and I threw them in the bath, did their hair and then they played for the rest of the evening. I'd been under strict instructions to get Abi to sleep by midnight (as opposed to 2am like last time, rofl.) So a midnight feast was out of the question! They made do with an 8 o'clock one instead. I didn't get to sleep until 2am though, and then Tilly woke us at 5.40am by kindly having another fit. She only just had two on Tuesday! Poor thing. Anyway, that was me up then. The girls woke soon after so I dragged my sorry bum out of bed to make them breakfast. We then nipped into town to a morning of activities at the art gallery for The Big Draw day. The girls had lots of fun making a bag, pencil pots, magic pictures and rubbings. By the time they'd finished it was time to drop Abi home for lunch. We got home and grabbed something to eat quickly (I could've just stayed there on the settee) and went back to pick Abi up again for a self-defence session that Romy's taekwondo place was doing. The girls had lots of fun pushing a hunky policeman to the ground and then played whilst Colin had his session. Have got some photo's but Blogger doesn't seem to want to put them up :o(

When we finally got home I collapsed into a bath but had to get out after a while because I was falling asleep in there! That's the first time I've ever done that. Mind you, I came downstairs to find Romy and Colin fagged out on the settee and chair too, rofl. I woke them up for tea and we watched Ant and Dec. We all had an early night though!

Been to my Mums' today and saw my scrummy sister. Off for our regular girl's night in now ;o) (We have chocolate!)

Oh and tomorrow we'll be having a go at the last kit I bought; bath melts!


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