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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The End?

I've decided to take a break from Blogging. Normal service may or may not resume. It depends how I feel. To be honest, now I've made this decision it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can't be bothered at the moment documenting our lives. We need a bit of privacy. I might just keep the blog for writing about special events (Xmas, achievements etc.) We'll see.

I'll carry on with my pregnancy blog and Roo will update her guinea pig one too.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is this a record?

Yesterday (November the 1st) we went past a house that has all its Christmas lights on!! The house was covered in them (as it is every year)but I couldn't believe they were on so soon. Madness! However, they weren't a patch on these ;o)

Hallowe'en: Part the Second.

On Tuesday Romy's 11-year-old home educated friend Bethany came round for a Hallowe'en sleepover. Romy got a bit of work done in the morning before she arrived and helped me to tidy a few things.

When Bethany got here, she and Romy set about playing, looking at books and showing each other their costumes. Colin arrived home from work and took them out trick or treating for half an hour before it got too dark (and freezing!) They only went to houses decorated for Hallowe'en and the two neighbours, so only a few houses, but they ended up with £1.40 each, some chocolate for Bethany and lollies/other sweets for Roo.

Romy is a witch (again) and Bethany is the ghost of a victorian lady.
Sharing out the loot :o)

Bethany wanted to see Romy's taekwondo lesson, so off we went and were surprised when they asked Bethany to join in. She even got to borrow a suit and a white belt and had a whale of a time. She kept telling us how much she reeeeallllly, reeeallly enjoyed it, lol. Afterwards we whizzed off to Tesco's to get the girls some snacks for the sleepover. Sitting in the carpark afterwards we got a great view of the Hallowe'en firework display at the nearby football ground without having to pay to get in (Scrooges that we are!)

At home the girls amused themselves putting on magic shows, playing with the pets, and gossiping upstairs. They finally got to sleep at around midnight and then knocked on my bedroom door at 6.50am to ask if they could get up. I told them to play in Roo's room until 8 (I know, I'm a mean sod. Was tired though.) Anyway, they fell back to sleep and got up at 8.30. Result!

Bethany's Dad came to pick her up at around 3pm, so in the meantime there was lots more playing with pets, tidying Roo's room (which they did beautifully) reading books, playing with musical instruments and carving of pumpkins.

And we discovered that guinea pigs love pumpkin entrails ;o)
The end result!
Evil spider balloon!
Oh yes, and Romy has updated her guinea pig blog.