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Friday, May 18, 2007

It's great to be eight!!

Romy turned eight on May 6th and we had a fabulous birthday week. We didn't have time to organise one of our usual themed parties what with Tansy's recent arrival :o) but Roo had a fab time anyway. I booked a week at Butlins at the last minute, knowing how much she loves the place. I got the best deal ever! Aroud £100 for us all for the week with breakfast and evening meal :-O Anyway, she had such a good time that there were a few quiet tears when we had to leave. She'd live there if we could, lol. Here are some pics of the great time she had (Tansy Pops slept through most of her first holiday and didn't partake of any of the activities on offer, lol.) Early morning trampolining.
Learning to pot black with Daddy.
With Candi from her beloved Skyline Gang.
And with Sprout ;o)
Taking part in one of the many Rhythm Kids activities.
Another weird Skyline Gang person, lol.
Getting runner-up in the fancy dress competition (sorry about the scan!)
Cool trophy Dorothy :o)
"Graduating" as a Junior Redcoat after a week of frantic activities.

It was fab 'cos there weren't many kids Romy's age there so she was picked to take part in lots of the shows and made a couple of friends who we kept bumping into.

We came back home on the Friday and the next day was Romy's Blue Belt grading at Taekwondo. She did soooooo well with her pattern and she only has three more belts before the Big One - Eeeep!!

The end of pattern five.
Beating up the instructor ;o)
Proud blue-belt owner!

On the Sunday we had a buffet for family. My Mum made Roo a lovely cake in the shape of a number eight and there were some lovely presents, including 'Dogopoly' which is exactly like Monopoly and takes just as long! (We played it last night and had to abandon it at 11 o'clock!)

Just to finish off for now, some pics of when Roo went rock climbing with the home ed group. She really enjoyed herself so Colin is on about making a small climbing wall in the garden!

So far it's great being eight (and being a big sister!)