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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maasai experience.

Yesterday our home ed group had a wonderful afternoon with a lady showing the kids lots of stuff about Kenya and the Maasai People. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learnt loads. Romy dressed up in traditional costume...
And then the group did some traditional dancing...

Romy had a great time!

Apart from a French exchange at school I've never, ever been abroad but I tell you, hearing all about Kenya yesterday has made me want to go and visit!!!
In other news - about a month ago Romy got a trampoline. There's been non-stop bouncing ever since (with half the kids in the neighbourhood suddenly becoming Romy's 'best'friends!!) Here she is with my (rather reluctant) sis' Jen...

Just a couple of pics from the early days with Tansy that I forgot to put up. Fairy Sisters:

Trying out the sling :o)


Blogger Emma said...

Oh I love Tansy's wings to be a fairy like her big sister. How gorgeous! :-)

12:41 PM  

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