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Monday, August 06, 2007

Recent doings.

Romy changing her sister's nappy :o)
Greeting our nightly front garden visitor one night...

Looking poorly when she had a sickness bug :o(

A quick doodle Romy did in the car of her and Tansy when I was poorly (with dehydration) but didn't know what was wrong. We were on our way to the emergency docs. Almost made me cry :o(((((
On a happier note, after we'd both recovered, it was Romy's graduation at the weekend. We were soooo proud of our big girl as she'd been too poorly to practice but still did her pattern, advanced kicks, self-defence (against knife attack) and board-break PERFECTLY!!! She also had to count to ten in Korean which was no problem either. In October she'll be going for her red belt, then her red/black in January. After that it's BLACK!!!!
While we're on the subject I love this pic of Colin just about to do a board-break :o)

On Weds we went to Bridlington to see our very good friends Amanda and Dave who were there on holiday. Romy persuaded them to go on the log flume. Nearly bankrupted us!!! We had a fab time. Amanda bought Romy a keyring with a picture of them going down the flume. It's one of Romy's prized possessions now and I've promised her that I'll have a front and back door key cut for her to go on it. Just to show her how much I trust her and appreciate how grown-up she's being in helping me out with Tansy.