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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Drama Queen!!

Yesterday Romy started a new drama club. She had such a fab time, just as I thought she would. This is one area in life where I don't mind saying she is truly gifted! Her imagination really is second to none. She always has a story running through her head and lives her life as a narrative, lol. She is constantly bursting with ideas for plays and stories. Anyway, The lady who runs it was so impressed when I picked her up. She said (and I quote - or paraphrase at least!) "She was spot on. Absolutely excellent. They are never that good when they first come." *Beams with pride* She was given some lines to learn for a Christmas show too! I am soooo proud of her. She can't wait to go next week :o)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mammoth Post!

Well I see I haven't posted on here for two months! So I thought I'd add a few photos and try to remember some of the things we've been up to over the past few weeks. Our camera's broken at the moment so you'll have to excuse the poor quality mobile shots.

Firstly (and most importantly) Romy was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding on the 1st Sept. Needless to say she looked absolutely stunning and had a brilliant day. Below is a pic of her and Tans with their cousins Lewis and Daniel.
At the reception with Lewis: Don't they look as though they have those scary false teeth in? Lol.

And an enhancement picture I had done here. Looks absolutely stunning eh?

We've been very busy on the taekwondo front lately. Here's a pic of Roo at one of the open days we went to to do a demonstration. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from the fabulous open day and party we had in September but there are loads here.
Here's a photo of Roo and Tans in the ball pool at the Wacky Warehouse. We went there for the afternoon recently because a lovely lady we know at taekwondo works there.

We've been to Normanby park a few times. Here's Roo and Tilly in the famous Climbing Tree ;o) We were playing in the playground in the dark the other day when we realised that the other family who were there were also home edders! Gave them my email address but they haven't been in touch yet. Perhaps we were too weird for them, rofl.

We've been swimming a couple of times with Nikki and Emily which was fun but expensive! I'm just waiting for a card from Surestart that will mean Tans and I can get in for 80p.
Roo had her cousins; Lewis and Daniel to sleepover on Friday which was much less stressful than I had anticipated!
On Sunday we had a taekwondo demo to do at the Great Youth Debate in a local park. The weather was freakishly hot for October which was made worse for me by having a baby strapped to my chest, lol. Anyway, a fab time was had by all. After the demo Roo had time to get her face painted...
...And practice some circus skills with The Earthbound Misfits. Here she is balancing on a ball. The rather lovely man helping her said of the 30 or so kids he'd helped that day Roo was the best by far. He was actually able to let go of her and she walked forwards and backwards a bit on her own! I was well impressed :o)
On the education front we've been up to various bits; Going over telling the time with a fine tooth comb in maths. Lots of spelling, local geography, oh and Romy has started a correspondence course with the London College of Art.
On Saturday Romy will be starting at a drama club that had a stall next to ours at the above demo. It sounds fantastic and just the sort of thing we've been looking for. It's £5 for two hours whreas the others I'd found were v expensive and cost hundreds per term! Can't wait to see if she enjoys it :o)