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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Acting Antics!!

OMG, Romy did her drama school performance today. I was soooo unbelievably proud of her. It took me all the strength I had not to burst into tears! She had to do some solo poetry and I was hoping her stutter wouldn't come out too much under the pressure. I needn't have worried though as she sailed through her piece brilliantly. She was fluent, loud and clear. Fabulous! Oh, and a quick plug for me - saw an old friend of my Mum's there who was watching her grandaughter like my Mum was. She said I only looked about 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You knew I'd put that in Mum, rofl.)

(Edit: My Mum wanted to know what this was on Tansy's nose. It's a sticker that Romy put there, lol.)

Here she is (far right) doing her solo.
Really getting into the singing. No nerves at all!!!

What a beautiful person she is, inside and out. Stunning girl!!

Yesterday was the Taekwondo Christmas party. Loads of pics over on Mad Mama's Musings, but some more of Roo here. She had a fabulous time and has so many friends there now. It's ace :o)
Gorgeous girl.
With Mum :o)

With one of her friends.
Burning off some energy.

Attacking Master Smith with SEVEN other kids, lol.

Hanging around his neck.

Phew! Some time out.

Receiving her gift from 'Santa'. Looks familiar ;o)

Vegan loot!!!!
We also had the home ed xmas party last week. So really busy couple of weeks. More treats coming up this week, including visits from friends and a lovely day planned at Emily's on Friday for lots of Pagany/Yule activities.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

All manner of cool stuff.

Firstly, the BIG news; Romy and Colin got their red belts at Taekwondo today. Yay!!

Of course, here follows a barrage of shamelessly indulgent photographs, lol...

Roo and a friend doing self-defence:
In the middle of her pattern...
Padded up and ready for sparring...

With her gentle giant friend :o) Roo and I did that Christmassy picture in the background!

Glam location eh? With her friend Vicki after getting their new belts and certificates...
Colin, having just smashed his way through a board. V impressive :o)

Proud Red Belt...

Other exciting news (for us - we're v sad.) We found these dark chocolate coins at Thorntons (thanks to the Vegan Family website!) I went and bought five bags and somehow they've all gone before they even found their way onto the tree :-O Could have something to do with our totally irrational elation at finding them, seeing as Romy has never had a chocolate coin in her life and Colin and I haven't had one for around 15 years, lol.

We had a couple of weeks recently when we were all poorly. Romy had allsorts including impetigo, sore throat, high temperature and sickness!! Poor thing. Here she is looking ill during the worst of the impetigo. Luckily it cleared up with antibiotics. Colin and I had tonsilitis, which was a new experience in pain... Jeepers! Colin even went to the doctor which is unlike him. They asked if he'd been out of the country as he hadn't been to the docs in almost nine years, rofl.

We met up with a new home educating family this week at a local park and, whilst the weather was less than friendly, the family definitely were. Romy had a great time playing with the three children and the Mum and I had loads in common. She's a hippy freak too, rofl. She's a doula, uses slings, etc. Hope to see much more of them!
On the way home we got caught in a sea of kids leaving a comprehensive school. They were all walking one way to their buses and we were struggling to walk through them. There were hundreds of them! Struck me as a rather apt metaphor for our lives. We seem to be constantly swimming against the popular tide of opinion and have absolutely no wish to turn around :o)
On the way to the park, do you kjnow what we saw??????? Trees with BLOSSOM on!!!!!!!! I even took a photo with my mobile but can't be bothered to upload it at the mo'. Anyway, what's with that? The world's going mad!!
Me and my big girl :o)